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WHITE HOT premieres in Canada, May 8-17

In News, Plays on April 23, 2014 at 2:49 PM


 **** Incendiary … [Tommy Smith’s] dialogue has brass on its knuckles … WHITE HOT brands Smith forcefully as a talent to watch and to stomach.” — Adam Feldman, TIME OUT NEW YORK

“A beautifully written study in nihilism … revealing why so many marriages, based on such blind attempts at controlling another person and some understandably devious responses to it, lead to duplicitous affairs.” – Steven Leigh Morris, LA WEEKLY

“A fever blister of a play. It’s not nice. It’s not pretty. It’s raw and tough and meaty, grown up theater for adults who crave intellectual and artistic drama.” – Michael Strangeways, SEATTLE GAY SCENE

A powerful play … Mamet, Pinter, Beckett: We see all these influences in Smith’s writing. But he adds something of his own which deviates from the Absurdists, and which makes his technique an actor’s play.” – Ed Farolan, REVIEW VANCOUVER

Plays May 8-17 at Shop Theatre in Vancounver.

Buy yourself some tickets.


FIREMEN reviews

In Plays on April 13, 2014 at 6:23 AM


“[A] bedeviling and stimulating play … Playwright Tommy Smith at no point tips his hand and even at the play’s finale offers no unequivocal resolution of his various contending tones of menace, unease, dependency and control, all of which remain disquietingly fluid within and among each of the characters.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Masterful, mesmerizing … Smith has gift for exposing dark truths with seemingly superficial dialogue; his take on middle age as a developmental stage rivaling adolescence in its confusion seems right on the money.” – LA Times

“A nuanced and penetrating portrait of the tragic dynamics of [an] illicit and illegal liaison. … Smith writes with an easy and natural touch, but seizes on the painful and dramatic truth of this dangerous affair.” – Huffington Post

“[A] darkly funny and disturbing new play … a disarmingly appealing ensemble strike just the right balance between uneasy laughter and unpalatable titillation to drive home Smith’s unsettling portrait of society.” – LA Weekly

“This is no walk in the park, this is a disturbing and morally complex story and playwright Tommy Smith has achieved the most important objective in writing something of this nature, he has almost completely removed his own opinion on the matter, leaving the work up to us, the audience. And it demands some work. But more importantly, because this show makes us care, we also care about doing that work and that, again, is an extraordinary achievement.” – Bitter Lemons, 92% Sweet

“Playwright Tommy Smith has a way with words … the incendiary yarn tells the tale of forbidden love and the flames that fan it, leaving everything in its fiery wake torched and in ashes.” – Stage & Cinema

“Smith really shines at creating characters whose appalling behavior can absolutely unnerve an audience of morally responsible adults.” – LA Post

“‘Firemen’ by Tommy Smith is a show I’d like to drag anyone to who’s never attended a live theatre production … It is a sharp, smartly written play that frames a precise selection of human foibles in a fashion neither formulaic nor fawning.” – Working Author


Read Charles McNulty’s LA Times article responding to the controversy surrounding FIREMEN.


Photo: Rebecca Gray & Iam Bamberg (by Jeff Galfer)

STRIP plays in F*it Club’s Spring Fling, May 1-11

In News, Plays on April 11, 2014 at 12:34 PM


“Strip” by Tommy Smith
Directed by Kevin Laibson
Featuring Lucy Devito*, Daniel Hartley, and Scott Sowers*
A father unexpectedly reunites with his estranged daughter in the worst possible way.

May 1-11, 2014
Wed-Sat @ 8pm*, Sun @ 2pm**
Access Theater
380 Broadway, 4th Fl (btw Walker & White)
also playing on the bill…
“Elizabeth and Shooley Sit on a Park Bench and Worry About Their Lives” 
by Halley Feiffer
Directed by Hal Brooks
Assistant Directed by Sash Bischoff
Featuring Mara Kassin* and Ryan Spahn*

“First Love” by Kate Gersten
Directed by Laura Savia
Featuring Emma Galvin*, Allyson Morgan*, and Ebonée Noel

“Black Saucer II” by Jason Grote
Directed by Victor Maog
Assistant Directed by Neal Kowalsky
Featuring Ethan Hova* + a cast of a thousand yippies

“PWNED” by Mark Sitko
Directed by Nick Leavens
Featuring Keith Foster*, Jacquelyn Landgraf*, Topher Mikels,
and Amanda Sayle

“The Morning After” by Lauren Yee
Directed by Geordie Broadwater
Featuring Dawn McGee,* Allyson Morgan*, Brian Quijada*, and David Shih*

*denotes AEA member
Actors Equity approved Showcase
(May 7 is pay-what-you-can)
(Free mimosas with your matinee ticket)