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ZERO and PTSD published by StageReads

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My two pieces Zero & PTSD are the featured plays this month on StageReads.

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Tommy Smith’s PTSD and Zero tell the stories of two young men striving to make sense of their surroundings. Both Riles (PTSD) and The Architect (Zero) must navigate friends, family, and acquaintances as they establish themselves in a place they aim to call home. Smith’sPTSD and Zero offer two uniquely American tales of fighting to connect with those around us and what it means to come home.

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When Riles returns from his tour of duty, he imagines everything will be simpler at home. However, plagued with his own memories, a dad barely paying bills, and sister with her own interior demons, Riles quickly finds himself on a different battlefield all together. Between navigating his family and an ex-almost-girlfriend from a time before, Riles discovers that the most important fight is just beginning.

Tommy Smith’s PTSD depicts a soldier’s return from war and explores the ways we all cope with and fight in our own personal wars.


Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Have a Nice Day. This is the language of doormen.

When The Architect moves into his apartment, his relationship with The Doorman starts innocently enough.  As small talk about the weather shifts to topics more personal, a bond begins to form. As their relationship deepens and crosses certain lines, both The Architect and his Doorman learn what differences can be breached and where the chasms still remain.

Tommy Smith’s Zero depicts all that can happen between one front door and another and investigates the ways in which the people we pass daily notice us and often help us notice ourselves.


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