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DEMON DREAMS plays West of Lenin, October 18 – November 10

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“[DEMON DREAMS] feels a bit like you went to a children’s theater because you were babysitting your nephew, and then everyone decided to bring their A-game and also mess up the end of every story. Limbs and voices twist; the inanimate (fire, trees, rain) is animated … and the actors charge in with brio.”
– The Stranger
In a future where demons rule the earth, three demons and three immortals gather in a broken down temple to tell stories and spit rhymes about the goodness and wickedness of the human race. Starring 6 actors in over 50 different roles, Demon Dreams fuses traditional Japanese story-telling with a hip hop aesthetic to bring you a fast-paced, enchanting allegory about the complexities of human nature.

Click right here to see Larae Lobdell’s DEMON DREAMS cast photos for the West Of Lenin production.

THIRTY STORY MASTERPIECES plays Theatre of NOTE, October 5 – 27

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My short piece THIRTY STORY MASTERPIECES, directed by Sarah Doyle, plays at Theatre of NOTE October 5-27, as part of the theater’s play festival “And They Were Never Heard of Again.”

Live in LA? Buy tickets here.

Don’t live in LA? Read the entire text below.

A high-rise apartment at E 70th and 3rd Avenue, Manhattan.


Some elegant electronic music* plays throughout the scene.

A young man.

An attractive older woman speaks to him:

W:  I’m going to make myself a martini.

YM:  Cool.

W:  You want a martini?

YM:  No thanks.

W:  It’s early enough.  It’s early enough for a martini.  I don’t usually have one this early.  Sometime you have to.  Sometimes it’s early enough for a martini.  I bought myself this shaker, you like this shaker?

YM:  Yeah.

W:  Shiny.  Silver.  Shaker.  Do you like this?

YM:  Mmm?

W:  Is the music okay?

YM:  Yeah fine.

W:  I do like the classics.

YM:  Nice home.

W:  I do like this apartment.  I ended up looking at a lot of apartments and decided on this one.

YM:  It’s nice.

W:  They showed me some apartments downtown.  Too small.  I need a doorman.  I like a doorman.  Did you give him your name?

YM:  Yes.

W:  Next time give a different name.

YM:  Okay.

W:  Not your real name.  He probably thinks you’re my boyfriend.  He probably thinks we’re lovers.  That’s funny.  That would be funny.  I commissioned this painting, you know.

YM:  Ooh.

W:  I met with the painter.  I sat for the painter.  We fought a little.  I wanted it to look a certain way but I suppose sometimes you have to acquiesce to the artistic imagination.  Cigarette?

YM:  Yeah, sure.

W:  You smoke?

YM:  Yeah, sometimes.

W:  What would your mother say?

W:  I’m kidding, go ahead.

YM:  Thanks.

W:  When I was your age they tried to outlaw these you know?

YM:  Oh yeah?

W:  Yes they – let me light that – they started banning smoking indoors until they needed the tax money.  What’s your brand?

YM:  I don’t know.

W:  You don’t have a brand.

YM:  I don’t smoke enough.

W:  No, you take care of yourself, don’t you?

YM:  Yes, ma’am.

W:  I’ve been going to the gym.  There’s a gym on the basement floor.  I use the machines.  When I was younger I was a championship cross trainer.  When I was your age.  You weren’t even born.  Were you born by then?  Don’t answer.  I don’t want to know the answer to that.  We’re strangers really.  You smoke with a stranger but you don’t give him your car keys.  Here.  Ashtray.

YM:  Thank you.

W:  I’m going to order food.  Would you like any food?

YM:  No thanks.

W:  It’s on me.

YM:  What kind of food?

W:  Have you ever had fish?

YM:  No.

W:  Let’s order fish.

YM:  I think that’s really expensive.

W:  I can afford it.

YM:  That’s really generous.

W:  It’s not every day I get a visit from someone like you.  There’s a clean river in Canada they get these from. (on speaker)  Two slices of salmon and boiled potatoes.  (to Young Man)  This won’t spoil your dinner will it?  Your wife won’t be upset?

YM:  I don’t mind eating twice.

W:  What do you usually have?

YM:  For what dinner?

W:  Yes.

YM:  Fake something.  I’ve had a lot of fake potatoes are these real ones?

W:  Mmm hmn.

YM:  Yeah I’m really excited.

W:  Then have a drink with me.

YM:  Sure yeah whatever.

W:  There’s a man. (makes drink)  So where do you live?

YM:  In the compounds below Canal.

W:  With your wife.

YM:  Yes.

W:  How’s the air quality?

YM:  It was pretty bad til they replaced the filters last year.

W:  This building has its own purifier.

YM:  We’re having a baby soon.

W:  Yes your mother told me.

YM:  My wife’s really worried.

W:  What about?

YM:  Money and like, life in general.  Being alive.

W:  Drink.

YM:  Thank you.  So … just you here?

W:  Yep.  My husband had the money but he pfft!

YM:  And my mom and you are friends from like … ?

W:  When we were younger.

YM:  Before I was born.

W:  No I was around the first couple years.  Your mother and me at the same college where she met your father?  You were two when I moved away.  Right before the earthquakes.

YM:  Uh huh.  I like your shades.

W:  Yes they keep out the sun.

W:  Did that make you uncomfortable?

YM:  No.

W:  Me talking about your mother.

YM:  No.

W:  What are you looking at?

YM:  Just … buildings.

W:  Yes I like only looking at buildings and sky.  I sometimes imagine its 1940.  A lot of these buildings were here then.  There weren’t these Chinese skyscrapers everywhere I mean look at that one.  A glowing red pagoda at the top?  That’s not even Chinese.  But the smaller buildings, you see the ones about twenty stories down? These Thirty Story Masterpieces?  Imagine living when it was just those. They must have seemed huge but now they’re like cottages.  I could throw my garbage on them if my windows opened.

YM:  You can’t even see the street from here.

W:  Yes isn’t it wonderful?

W:  Have you been out there?

YM:  Mmm?

W:  Have you been outside?

YM:  Yes I go outside sometimes.

W:  Why?

YM:  Just to see what its like.

W:  Isn’t that bad for you?

YM:  You can go out for two or three hours and they say its fine.

W:  You’ve been reading different newspapers than me.  I haven’t been outside in God I can’t remember when.

YM:  It’s the same.  The trees have started dying but not like, they’re still there and everything but they’re all brown.

W:  Are you scared?

YM:  No.

W:  No Jesus I’m paralyzed by the whole thing.

YM:  Still have to live my life I guess.

W:  Well cheers to that.  I mean my windows are sealed.  I have UV protection from the sun.  Yesterday I sat here and watched a flock of birds arch over that building.  Fifty birds moving just folding into themselves at once.  You beat that on your fucking touchscreen youth.  You have really nice eyes.

YM:  Thank you.

YM:  Why did my mom want me to see you?

W:  Isn’t it clear?

YM:  Yeah I mean I sort of understand.

W:  Well we don’t need to talk about it.  How are things with your wife?

YM:  We’re getting along I guess.

W:  You could be doing a little better though.

YM:  Well yes everyone is having a very difficult time being alive right now.

W:  I’m somewhat spared of that burden.

YM:  Yeah?

W:  Yes I don’t have same problems as everyone else.  This puts me in a unique position as a human being.  I have to decide how to position my philanthropy.  Most days I get pretty drunk thinking about it.

W:  Do you want to go to the bedroom now?

YM:  Yeah.

W:  Good well there’s a card here for you.

YM:  Thank you.

W:  I’ll always put the money in the card.  The card is a gift to you.  It’s nothing else.  Just a gift if anyone asks.

YM:  Okay.

W:  Five thousand credits and a transport pass to zone six.

YM:  Sounds fair.

W:  This will help raise that family your wife wants.

She brings him close.

W:  You kind of look like your father.  You’re really sweet and I really like you.

A knock on the door.

W:  That’s for us.


* Aphex Twin, “Tha”

Originally produced at Red Fern’s “+30NYC” at Center Stage NY.  Jessi D. Hill, director.  Corinna May (Woman); Brian Robert Burns (Young Man).

All right reserved.  Professional and amateurs are hereby notified that this material is subjected to a royalty.  It is fully protected under the copyright laws of United States of America and all countries covered by the International Copyright Union.  All rights, including, but not limited to, professional, amateur stage rights, television, video or sound recording, motion picture, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio and television broadcasting, and the rights of translation into foreign language, are strictly reserved.  All inquiries regarding performance rights for this play should be addressed to the author’s agent.

Corinne Hayoun | CAA
162 Fifth Avenue, 6th Fl
New York, NY 10010
(212) 277-9000


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The following text was performed at The Flea Theater, September 27-29, as part of Serials, an episodic late night theatre event where the top three (of five) serialized stage plays return the following week. Episode Four: MDMA will play October 4-6 @ The Flea.

Jim Simpson

Sigourney Weaver

Bill Murray

Rick Moranis



note: lines that appear like

Ywah.     Whoa.     Not cool.

are spoken at the exact same time.

PRE-RECORDED VOICEOVER: Mesdames et Messieurs, au début de 2003, Marché aux puces, directeur artistique Jim Simpson a fait une série d’entretiens avec NPR à propos de ses expériences largement relatés avec des narcotiques dans ses premiers jours. Ce qui suit est une reproduction d’un de ces entretiens. Ladies and gentlemen, in early 2003, Flea Artistic Director Jim Simpson did a series of interviews with NPR about his widely chronicled experiments with narcotics in his early days. The following is a recreation of one of those interviews.

It was my bachelor party.

It was me Bill and Rick.

Ramis couldn’t make it.

We’d rented a VW Bug convertible.

Bill rented it on his card.

Bill also said

I’ve brought three handfuls of psilocybin mushrooms.

To which Rick replied

Oh I’ve heard of those you know they use them in ancient Mayan rituals you know the ones where they freak out and see god at least that’s what I read in a book somewhere and why do you have those Bill?

We’re gonna dose Jim.


It’s his last night a free man.

We each swallowed a handful.

Where we going?

Joshua Tree.

Oh you mean the secluded desert park located just two hours from Los Angeles that features a rare collection of flora and fauna from the desert?

Yeah not that fuckin album.

I stepped on the gas.

I could already feel the mushrooms taking effect.

The swirl in your stomach.

The bile in the back of your throat hot with the garbage after-stench of the swallowed fungus.

Your eyesight starts to double.

The images that appear in your head begin to make manifest in the corporeal world.




Was that a cop?


Was that car back there was that a cop did we just pass a cop?



Guys it was not – come on, it wasn’t a dinosaur. Was it?

The problem is, the mind experiencing the adverse effects of psychoactive indole alkaloidsis highly succeptible to the psychic and metaphysical suggestions of other beings experiencing the same chemical reaction.

Maybe it was a dinosaur.

It’s kind of like we’re of one mind.

Guys we just saw a dinosaur!


Ywah.     Whoa.     Not cool.


What is she saying?

She’s talking to us.

Don’t worry guys.

It’s not a person.

It’s just a voice.


Why does she keep saying that?

I think it wants something.

What does it want?


Guys it wants fourteen shakes and a coke.

Come on guys pull up.

Pull up what?

Second window.

What do we pull?



Hey thanks.


Keep the change.


Are we there yet?



We’re there.

I don’t remember –

Getting here.

Wow this is a really pretty desert I mean I guess we’re just in the parking lot Man we are really in the middle of nowhere with no one else around and desert stretching in all directions as far as the eye can see and oh look guys a trail leading into some hills you want to walk up this hill with me?

Yes we will walk with you.     Yes we will walk with you.

Oh cool look at all these rocks you seeing these rocks guys lining this trail as we continue to march through the desert hills on our way somewhere and the sun Man the sun is so beautiful and look is that an oasis guys is that an oasis?

That is an oasis.     That is an oasis.

Wow I’m so glad you agree with me look at all these palm trees can you really believe this is happening and all these little ponds with dragonflies in the middle of the desert drinking the pond water and here’s a really flat rock I’m going to lie down on for five hours.

We will lie down as well.     We will lie down as well.




Y- Yeah.



Uh huh.






We flew here.


Did you come from the restaurant?


Your shift ended and you hiked out here because of something we did?


Oh fuck you’re a goat.


You’re a fuckin ram guys there’s a ram pretending to be a hiker pretenting to be a fast food worker guys look look Rick Rick where’s Bill?

I just figured out my entire relationship with my parents.

Where’s Bill Rick?

And I STIIIIIILL haven’t FOOOOUND what I’m looking FOOOOR!

Oh God he’s standing with his arms outstretched on the top of that rocky precipice.

And now he’s jumping from rock to rock down the side of that rocky precipice.

And now he’s climbing another rocky precipice.

And now he’s standing with his arms outstretched on top of another rocky precipice.

And I STIIIIIILL haven’t FOOOOUND what I’m looking FOOOOR!

Bill get down from that rocky precipe!


Shit.     Whoa.

How’d you get here so fast from such a far distance?


Did you find what you were looking for?

Still haven’t found it.

You will.

I know.

You will.

I know.

You will.

I know.

You will.

I know.


What?     James.

The ram.    James.

What jam?   James James.

Shut up James.

Yeah my name’s Bill.

Look guys a ram.

And up on a rocky precipice, the ram stood looking at us.

Observing us.

Watching our every move.

The black outline of his horns cut blue against the darkening dusk.


Did he say dusk?

Did who say dusk?

Did I say dusk?

Oh fuck, dusk!

Guys we need to get back.

The sun was setting.

Guys we’re gonna get stuck out here in the dusk I mean the desert.

Come on let’s go.

But it was getting darker.

Come on guys we gotta find the trail.

But in the gathering darkness they could not find the trail from the rocks.

James will you shut the fuck up!

Chill out guys nothing’s gonna happen.

Nothing’s gonna happen we’re in the desert and it’s getting cold and there’s wolves and snakes and we’re gonna end up spooning each other for warmth next to same cactus and Fuck You I’m sober now, I’m so afraid I’m sober, thanks a lot!

I’m getting married tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m marrying my wife.

Let’s wait here until something happens.

No let’s keep walking.

Bill will you please catch up.

Man everything’s cool.

No man it’s not cool Jim’s getting married.

You said it.

Said what?

“It’s not cool Jim’s getting married.”

What was that, Bill?

You’re abandoning us.



Look man I just read your thoughts and you’re not happy you’re getting married.

Fuck you, man.

I’m just telling you the truth you already know.

Okay guys let’s not do this.

You think we’re gonna be doing this in a year?

He’s letting us go, Rick.

This is a sunset we mistook for a sunrise.

Now it’s totally dark.

What do we do?

I don’t want to die out here.

There’s a light.

Fuck you James there’s no light.

I’m not lying.

Yeah I see it.


Maybe it’s the ram?

It was Sigourney.

It was my wife.

She had come to save us.

She was here to rescue us.


Shut up.


So help me Bill if you say one more word I will take your head off and fuck you with it.

And for once Bill did not have anything to say in return.

How did you find us?

You left a voicemail.

“Baby … baby I finally got a bar … baby we’re lost in the dark and we’re gonna die before we make it to the wedding I’m so sorry and all I can think about is your skin God I love your skin and I want to touch your skin and I want to build a house on your skin and start a progressive agrarian society of Sigourney skin dwellers. I love you I love you so much—”

That’s really sweet.

Get in the car.


Nice to see you, Rick.

Yeah you too.

This is your fault, asshole.

Can I speak?

I don’t care what you do.

I’m really sorry.

You’re right.

I’m to blame.

No Bill.

I’m a grown man.

I should know what I’m doing.

Jim we’ll talk about this later.

Hey look that ram’s still watching us from the edge of that bluff as we drive away.

Everyone please shut up and let’s not say anything for the entire ride.

Yeah.     Good idea.

Can we listen to the radio?


Sigourney switches on the radio.

Opening strains of U2’s “Still Haven’t

Found What I’m Looking For”

After a long moment,

to no one in particular: 

Fuck you.

Lights slowly fade.

Music swells.


The above text was originally directed by Stella Powell-Jones and featured:

Jim Simpson – Grant Harrison

Sigourney Weaver/Cashier/Hiker/Ram – Jenelle Chu

Bill Murray – Ivano Pulito

Rick Moranis – Kevin Green