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THE TENANT runs August 10 – October 1

In News, Plays, Schedule on July 31, 2011 at 9:42 PM

My “Thin Pale Man” storyline is just one of six arcs in Woodshed Collective‘s site specific theatre piece The Tenant.

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The production: Set in an abandoned church on 86th and Amsterdam, The Tenant is inspired by Roland Topor’s book and subsequent film by Roman Polanski.  When Monsieur Trelkovsky rents a room recently vacated by a woman who fell from her window, he soon becomes haunted by images of the previous tenant’s apparent suicide and begins a slow decent into paranoia and delirium.  Installed by Woodshed over multiple building stories and utilizing a company of over 20 actors, The Tenant explores the bubbling conflict between an uncanny mix of colorful characters to create a symphonic piece of theater.

Click this for New York Times preview.

Hint: My piece is self-contained and exists solely on the fourth (top) floor.

See NYT images of “Thin Pale Man” here.