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Own “RADIO PLAY” / fund Holland

In News on March 6, 2009 at 3:14 AM


At NYC’s great Ars Nova, Reggie and I recently premiered RADIO PLAY,  a sonic entertainment modeled after the radio programs of yesteryear; we performed the piece in the dark.

Hear a sample at

The live recordings are amazing (Reggie duets with a thereminist!), so we giving out limited edition album copies – you will be the only people who will have RADIO PLAY, as we are not posting the sound file or distributing it otherwise.  So you can bring the performance into your own home by pressing play and turning off the lights.

The best part? You get to name your own price.


Email me at

Say what you want to pay — suggested range is $2-20

I will send you a handsome album


All proceeds are funding filming for our next project.


Three Americans,
singer/comedian Reggie Watts, playwright Tommy Smith and journalist Brendan Kiley,
fly to Amsterdam.
Using spy camera sunglasses and in-ear audio recording devices,
we journey through the city streets,
strolling over bridges,
buying food from a hole in a wall,
taking a canal trip,
visiting the coffee shops,
visiting the red light district,

But aside from focusing on the “forbidden” aspects of Amsterdam,
we want to capture the experience of a group of people experiencing
something simultaneously,
we want to capture  the experience of “The Walk”
the ebbs and flows and detours and linguistic shuttlecock that occurs
when a trio of people journey together
in an isolated environment.

The idea is to use this footage for a series of projection installations, where the viewer is immersed on all sides by the collective visual and auditory experience touring Amsterdam.

Brendan Kiley will also collaborate on a journalistic manual to the auditory and visual experiments to elucidate on whatever ends up happening, in the spirit of the great hashish experiments of Walter Benjamin in the early 1920s.

See sample at:

dutch a-v watermill